Reverse mortgages are a powerful tool and help seniors obtain tax-free cash flow and to enhance their retirement lifestyle.

"When Experience Counts"

Virginia will come to your home for a private consultation to discuss your needs and find out what a reverse mortgage can do for you.
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Virginia offers specialized knowledge about aging and the important health, financial and social issues that affect the majority of seniors.

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I would like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself to you. I have developed this web site, not only for you to gather information about Reverse Mortgages but to let you and your family members, get to know me.


I have been involved in real estate and mortgage lending for over 30 years. I started in the late 70’s as a real estate broker in New Mexico. I soon opened my own Real Estate Company and enjoyed that industry for many years. I also had a desire to find out more about the mortgage lending side of real estate and soon found myself, owning a mortgage company.


It was years later (1997) that I was asked about a REVERSE MORTGAGE. I had a friend whose father had died and her mother’s attorney had suggested a Reverse Mortgage. I looked into this for my friend, and soon found myself fascinated in how these loans worked and how they could and do change seniors lives. I decided to incorporate this product into my directory of mortgage loans.


After a year of trying to handle both “forward” (conventional loans) and Reverse Mortgages, I knew that I should make a decision . . . either forward or reverse . . . I chose Reverse Mortgages and in 1998, I closed down the forward side of my business and concentrated 100% on learning all there was about reverse mortgages.




 In 1998 there were very few reverse originators specializing in this product, and I remember attending a National Association of Reverse Mortgage Lenders (NRMLA) convention in Washington DC, and there were 30 attendees. Last year (2007) this annual convention was held in San Diego with over 1400 attendees.


I have been an active participant on NRMLA boards ranging from the education board, to helping develop a new designation that will alert seniors to those of us who have had extensive experience in this arena. With so many new originators entering into this field of mortgage lending, it will help to determine those with the most experience.




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Enjoy my web site, and feel free to give me a call for a private consultation. I will be happy to set up an appointment to meet with you and your family at your convenience.


Thank You,

Virginia Berry




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“When Experience Counts”, Find Out What a Reverse Mortgage Can Do for You


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Colorado reverse mortgage specialist Virginia Berry will come to your home for a private consultation on how reverse mortages work.
Reverse mortgage specialist since 1998 in Colorado Springs, Puebol, Denver, Greeley, Ft. Collins, Grand Junction, Canon City and all of Colorado

I also am proud that I am a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). This informative organization gives an overview of a specialized knowledge about aging and the important health, financial and social issues that affect the majority of seniors. We sign and abide by a Code of Professional Responsibility to all seniors.

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